News Releases and Articles about Caracol and the Chases

Caracol, Santa Rita Corozal, Tayasal and Other Archaeological Publicity

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Chases 2010

Belizean Stamps 1984

[PDF] 1984 2 Santa Rita Corozal ceramic vessels

Belizean Sunday Times

[PDF] 1984 Major Postclassic Maya Cache found in Santa Rita

 Key West Citizen

 [PDF] 1984 Women might have Ruled in Storied Mayan Society


 [PDF] 1985 New Clues ‘Refute’ Decline of Mayas

 Washington Post

 [PDF] 1985 Maya Civilization Thought to Flourish into 1500s

 New York Times

 [PDF] 1985 Did Mayans Collapse Later than Thought?

 Central Florida Magazine

 [PDF] 1987 Valentine’s Day article


 [PDF] 1987 The Unveiling of the Maya Mystery

 Pyramid Films

 [PDF] 1988 Lost City of the Maya promotion materials

 Ms. Magazine

 [PDF] 1988 Dig It a “Ms Adventure”


 [PDF] 1989 From a Remote Jungle Site, A Trail of Striking Clues

 Florida Sunday Magazine

 [PDF] 1990 Partners in Time


 [PDF] 1990 Review of Video Loot:The Plundered Heritage

 Science News

 [PDF] 1992 Classic Maya Glyph Tiffs

New York Times

 [PDF] 1993 Mayans had a Middle Class, too, Emerging Burial Artifacts Indicate

 Orlando Sentinel

 [PDF] 1993 New Theories of an Ancient Civilization


 [PDF] 1993 Lost Secrets of the Maya


 [PDF] 1993 Steine der Erkenntnis


 [PDF] 1993 Uncovering the Ancient Secrets of the Maya


 [PDF] 1993 Return to Caracol

Orlando Sentinel

 [PDF] 1999 A Stretch of the Imagination

 USA Today

 [PDF] 2000 Maya Lived as Urban Farmhands

Editorial Cartoon

[PDF] 2000 New Evidence of Mayan Suburban Sprawl

 New York Times

 [PDF] 2000 Signs of Suburbia near Mayan Ruins

 TIME for Kids

 [PDF] 2001 Digging Up the Past: An American family uncovers an ancient city in Belize

 American Archaeology

 [PDF] 2003 Caracol: Archaeotourism


 [PDF] 2005 Window into the Ancient World

Central Florida Future

[PDF] 2007 Professor recognized for field work in Belize

Orlando Sentinel

[PDF] 2008 Lasers to help map Mayan ruins in Belize

 Termini Distinguished Lecture 2008

 [PDF] 2008 Poster from Lecture at University of Texas, Arlington

 New York Times

 [PDF] 2010 Science Times: Mapping An Ancient Civilization, in a Matter of Days

 Science & Vie

 [PDF] 2010 Une Cite Maya Cartographiee en Relief

 Der Spiegel

 [PDF] 2010 Metropole im Busch

 Prism: American Society for Engineering Education

 [PDF] 2010 A City Revealed

 Stevenson Magazine

 [PDF] 2011 Digging Deep

 Chronicle of Higher Education

 [PDF] 2012 National UCF publicity


 [PDF] 2012 Profecias de los mayas

 Florida Trend

 [PDF] 2012 Research Florida

 Les Cahiers: Science & Vie

 [PDF] 2012 A la technologie, le patrimonine reconnaissant

 Key West Citizen

 [PDF] 2012 2012 Official Fantasy Fest Guide


[PDF] 2013 Uncovering the past using the future: how lasers are revolutionizing archaeology

 Earth Transformed by William Ruddiman

 [PDF] 2014 W.H. Freeman Press

 Optics & Photonics News

 [PDF] 2014 Lidar and Archaeology: Adding a New Dimension


[PDF] 2014 Celebration of Past Landrover Expeditions (see 1994)

Orlando Life

[PDF] 2014 Simply the Best 2014: “Mom and Pop Archaeologists”

Belize Anthropology and Archaeology Symposium 2014

[PDF] 2014 Jade Sponsor: Thirty Years of the Caracol Archaeological Project”

 AAAS Member Spotlight

[PDF] 2014 AAAS Fellows Diane and Arlen Chase search for clues about Mayan mystery


[PDF] 2014 News Feature: Mapping the lost megalopolis


[PDF] 2014 Adding a New Direction: LiDAR and Archaeology

Pegasus Magazine (UCF)

[PDF] 2015 (Spring) Maya Come to Life

Washington Post

 [PDF] 2015 A New Way To Find Out What Lies Beneath

Les Cahiers: Science & Vie

 [PDF] 2016 Satellites, Drones… L’Archaeologie prend de la hauteur, Fevrier, no. 159, p. 17

NASA Earth Observatory

[PDF] 2017 Peering through the Sands of Time: Searching for the Origins of Space Archaeology

 The Lost City of the Monkey God

[PDF] 2017 Lost City of the Monkey God: A True Story, pp. 62-64

Quick Take: Provost Diane Chase

[PDF] 2017 UNLV News Center: UNLV’s chief academic officer on her first year

American Archaeology

[PDF] 2018 A Revolutionary Technology

National Geographic Travel

[PDF] 2018 Explore these Pristine, Little-known Maya Ruins

The Laser That’s Changing the World

[PDF] 2018 The Laser That’s Changing the World: The Amazing Stories behind Lidar from 3D Mapping to Self-Driving Cars, pp. 116-121

Las Vegas Review Journal

[PDF] 2019 After 34 Years, UNLV Professors Still Digging Maya Ruin in Belize

Caribbean Beat Magazine

[PDF] 2019 Archaeology’s Eye in the Sky

artnet news

[PDF] 2019 ‘It Worked Beyond Our Wildest Dreams’: How Cutting-Edge Technology is Transforming the Field of Maya Archaeology


[PDF] 2020 Lasers Peer Through the Forest Canopy

Discover magazine

[PDF] 2020 Maya Water System Discoveries Show the Ancient Civilization in a New Light

Cambridge Core Blog

      [PDF] 2022 Lidar in Mesoamerica since 2016: Acquisition, Ownership, and Accessibility

Houston Chronicle

[PDF] 2023 University of Houston selects new provost from California school

Inside Higher Ed

[PDF] 2023 Student Success Champion: Q&A with Diane Chase, University of Houston

University of Houston

[PDF] 2023 Success: Diane Z. Chase

Science News

[PDF] 2023 Ancient Maya power brokers lived in neighborhoods, not just palaces


[PDF] 2024 LiDAR bringing ancient land practices into focus

Ancient Mesoamerica

[PDF] 2024 Ancient Maya Inequality – Compact Section: (Adrian S.Z. Chase)

Amerind Notebook

[PDF] 2024 Ancient Mesoamerican Population History: Urbanism, Social Complexity, and Change (Adrian S.Z. Chase, Arlen F. Chase, and Diane Z. Chase)