A photographic journal of the Chases and their work

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Whenever we present public lectures or meet people, they always want to know how or why we became interested in archaeology. Was it because we played with dinosaurs when we were young? Was it because we liked jig-saw puzzles? Was it that we liked to play in the dirt? Or, was it our reaction to the counter-culture of the late 1960’s? We like to think that it was probably all of these things, in combination with our quest for knowledge and understanding in an ever-changing world.

Within the academic milieu, the written word can often be very dry, matter-of-fact, and formulaic (as can be seen in our accompanying vitaes). Pictures offer a very different, but still complementary, perspective. For this reason, we have chosen to include a few snapshots of our past.

The Chases

Ixtutz Guatamala 1971Ixtutz, Guatemala 1971
G. Wing, C. Smith, T. Gardner, L. Robertson, K. Monihan, A. Chase, M. Greene Robertson

Topoxte Guatemala 1972Arlen Chase at Topoxte, Guatemala, 1972 (photo courtesy of Raymond Sidrys)

Grasshopper 1973Arlen Chase at Grasshopper Pueblo, Guatemala, 1973

Stenton Mansion 1975Diane Chase at Stenton Mansion, Pennsylvania, 1975

Chases Wedding 1975Garden City, New York 1975

Quirigua Project 1977    Back Row (left to right): Bob Sharer, Ed Schortman, Chris Jones, Arlen Chase,  Kevin Gray;  Front Row (left to right): Mary Bullard, Becky Sedat, David Sedat, Pat Urban, Wendy Ashmore, Diane Chase, John Weeks

Tayasal Season 77Tayasal / Tikal, Guatemala 1977
with Julie Benyo

                                      Cuello Project 1978 in northern Belize

Nohmul, Belize 1978Nohmul, Belize 1978


Visiting Anabel Ford in the Peten of Guatemala, Summer 1978
(photo courtesy of Anabel Ford)

Diane Chevette 79Diane and the Chevette, Santa Rita Corozal, Summer 1979

Diane Palenque 79Diane at Palenque, Mexico, Summer 1979

Chases University Museum 1981University Museum, Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1981

School of American Research 1982School of American Research, Santa Fe, New Mexico, October 1982
back row: F. Robles, A. Chase, J. Ball, D. Pendergast, A. Andrews, A. Miller
front row: D. Freidel, E.W. Andrews IV, D. Chase, P. Rice, J. Sabloff, G. Willey

Diane Chase Tomb 1986Santa Rita Corozal, Belize 1984

Second Preliminary Trip 1983Second Preliminary Trip to Caracol, Belize, December 1984
back row: S.Houston, J. Morris, A. Chase, D. Chase
front row: M. Miller, N. Houston, R. Schyberg

Diane and John 1984Diane and John Morris, Caracol, Belize, December 1984

Santa Rita Corozal: August 1985: End-of-Season party

Spain Primera Mesa Redonda 1985Primera Mesa Redonda de S.E.E.M., Toledo, Spain, November 1985
Andres Ciudad Ruiz (center left) with Don Rice (left of Andres)

Chases Caracol Belieze 1986Caracol, Belize 1986

Chases with Houston 1986Caracol, Belize 1986
with Stephen Houston

Granada Spain 1987Segunda Mesa Redonda de S.E.E.M., Granada, Spain, December 1987

Arlen and Diane with their fathers, Frank Chase and Edward Zaino at Caracol in 1988

Yax 1989“Yax,” Caracol, Belize, Spring 1989

Arlen and Diane Chase Altar 23Arlen and Diane at a night lighting of Caracol Altar 23, Spring 1990

William Haviland 90William Haviland in the A Group, Caracol, Belize, Spring 1990

Merle Greene 91Merle Greene Robertson, Edward Kurjack, and Rafael Cobos rubbing Altar 23 at Caracol, Belize, Spring 1991

Chases Tomb 4 1993Tomb 4 in Caracol Structure B20, Spring 1993

Dumbarton Oaks 1994Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, D.C., October 1994
back row: A. Chase, E. Abrams, L. Schele, R. Hansen, W. Fash
front row: K. Taube, D. Webster, M. Miller, S. Houston, P. McAnany, D. Stuart, W. Ashmore

Universidad Campeche 1997Universidad Autonoma de Campeche, Campeche, Mexico, November 1997
William Folan (blue shirt in middle); David Stuart and Norman Hammond (far left); Rafael Cobos (far right)

UCF Archaeology Lab Chases 1999UCF Archaeology Laboratory, Fall 1999

Valladolid Spain 1999V Mesa Redonda de S.E.E.M., Valladolid, Spain 1999
Back: ?, Monica Smith, Marcus Winter, Rafael Cobos, Marie Arnauld, William Sanders, John Clark, ?,  David Webster, Pepa Iglesias, Rosemary Joyce, Diane Chase, Arlen Chase, Hector Escobedo, Juan Pedro Laporte, Steve Houston, ?
Front: Linda Manzanilla, Dominique Michelet, Marshall Becker, ?, Andres Ciudad Ruiz, Takeshi Inomata

Diane Pegasus Award UCF Pegasus Professors 2003: Eric Van Stryland (Optics and Phtonics) & Diane Chase (Academic Affairs)

Pamplona Spain 2005VII Mesa Redonda de S.E.E.M., Pamplona, Spain 2005 (Logrona Wine Museum)
Diane with Bill Fash, Pepa Iglesias, and Andres Ciudad Ruiz

Arlen Pegasus Award 2007UCF Pegasus Professors 2007: Marty Waneilista (Engineering); Charles Hughes (Engineering); Arlen Chase (Sciences)

School of Advanced Research 2009IHOPE-Maya I, School of Advanced Research, Santa Fe, New Mexico, January 2009
back row: S. Fedick, J. Sabloff, K. Prufer, A. Chase, J. Gunn, D. Lentz, S. van der Leeuw
front row: L. Lucero, V. Scarborough, V. Fialko

Granada Spain 2009IX Mesa Redonda de S.E.E.M., Granada, Spain, March 2009
with Andres Ciudad Ruiz (left) and Rafael Cobos (right)

Chichen Mexico 2009at Rach Cobos’ Chichen Itza Project, Mexico, July 2009
with Elyse, Aubrey, and Adrian

Diane AAAS Fellows 2009UCF AAAS Fellows, December 2009
Diane Chase (Anthropology); Debra Reinhart (Civil Engineering); Mubarak Shah (Computer Science)

Chases Caracol 2010Diane Chase, Jaime Awe, and Arlen Chase at Caracol, March 2010

IHOPE Maya III 2010IHOPE-Maya III, AMERIND Foundation, Dragoon, Arizona, August 2010
J. Gunn, M. Hegmon, S. Fedick, K. Prufer, V. Scarborough, L. Lucero, G. Iannone,
D. Chase, A. Chase, S. van der Leeuw

Diane China 2010Diane Chase with Jiang Sixian (Vice Governor) in Hainan, China, October 2010

IHOPE UCF 2011IHOPE-Maya IV, UCF, Orlando, January 2011
Back: R. Cobos, S. van der Leeuw, A.F. Chase, R. Liendo, C. Isendahl, V. Scarborough, G. Iannone, J. Gunn, N. Dunning
Front: D. Chase, J. Tainter, S. Fedick, L. Lucero, T. Wilkinson, A.S.Z. Chase

Chases Family Reunion 2011Chase Family Reunion, Carmel, California, June 2011

Hainan China 2012Diane Chase at UCF-Hainan ceremony in Hainan, China, February 2012

IHOPE Maya VI 2012IHOPE-Maya VI, Cincinatti, May 2012
K. Tankersley, S. Heckbert, C. Isendahl, C Lauzzader-Beach, T. Beach, D. Lentz, D. Chase, A. Chase, V. Scarborough, J. Gunn

Maya Cambodia 2012Tropical Forest Urbanism Conference, Siem Reap, Cambodia, July 2012:
V. Scarborough, V. Fialko, R. Liendo, G. Thompson, D. Chase, L. Lucero, R. Fletcher,
A. Chase, J. Morris, J. Sabloff, L. Grazioso

Egroup 2012E Group Conference, Santa Fe Institute, August 2012
T. Stanton, A. Dowd, A. Aveni, D. Freidel, J. Sabloff, A. Chase, S. Milbraith, J. Murdock, C. Robin, F. Estrada-Belli, W. Saturno

Fantasy Fest Grand Marshals 2012Arlen and Diane Chase, Grand Marshals, Fantasy Fest 2012, Key West; with Amy Morris and Bill Murphy, October 2012

Stork Club 2013Stork Club, Cayo, Belize, March 2013
George Thompson, Arlen Chase, Diane Chase, Melissa Badillo, Brian Woodye, John Morris

Santa Fe 2013Second E Group Conference, Santa Fe Institute, August 2013
seated: P. Rice, K. Brown, M. Gell-Mann, K. Reese-Taylor; middle row: P. McAnany, D. Chase, A. Chase, J. Murdoch, A. Down, P. Harrison; back: J. Doyal, T. Inomata, D. Freidel, T. Stanton, E. Estrada-Belli

LiDAR Workshop 2013Western Belize Archaeological Consortium LiDAR Workshop, Orlando, Florida
September 2013:
first row: S. Macrae, P. Demarte, M. Marino, R. Kangas, A. Rivas, C. Butterfield, L. Phillips
second row: J. Yaeger, A. Chase, A.S.Z. Chase, D. Chase, J. Awe, K. Brown, B. Cap, J. Weishampel, D. White, H. Moyes


Chacmool LiDAR Session, Calgary, Canada
November 2014:
first row: M. Peuramaki-Brown, K. Monteleone, J. Yaeger, K. Reese-Taylor, M.K. Brown
second row: J. Awe, S. Macrae, J.C. Fernandez Diaz, S. Hutson, R. Rosenswig, A. Chase, A. Magnoni, T. Stanton, T. Hare


Santa Fe Institute, New Mexico: Materialization of Time Conference
February 2015:
kneeling: D. Freidel; J. Murdock
standing (left-right): W. Saturno, J. Sabloff, K. Reese-Taylor, C. Robin, T. Inomata, T. Stanton, A. Chase, E. Estrada-Beli, D. Chase, A. Dowd, P. Rice, H. Wright, K. Brown

Diane Peru

Diane at Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola, Lima, Peru:  December 1, 2015


UCF Reception for our “transition”: April 11, 2016: John Hitt, Diane, Arlen, Dale Whittaker

UNLV Spring 2016 Commencement afternoon session held at the Thomas and Mack Center on May 14, 2016. (R. Marsh Starks / UNLV Photo Services)

UNLV Graduation, May 13, 2016: Len Jessup, Diane, Nancy Rapoport

Santa Fe Institute, New Mexico, “Maya Materialization of Time II,” August 26-28, 2016:         (J. Murdock in front;  from left to right: J. Sabloff, C. Robin, I. Batun, W. Saturno, D. Chase, A. Chase, T. Stanton, P. McAnany, D. Freidel, M.K. Brown, S. Milbrath, J. Doyle, A. Dowd, T. Inomata, K. Reese-Taylor, A. Dowd, R. Estrada-Belli

2017 Belize Archaeology Symposium: Cayo, June 2017:  (from left to right) Diane Z. Chase, Allan Moore, Delsia Marsden, George Thompson, Brian Woodye, Melissa Badillo, Adrian S.Z. Chase, Arlen F. Chase, John Morris

Materialization of Time: Santa Fe Institute: August 23-24 2017 (from left to right): J. Sabloff, F. Estrada-Beli, A. Chase, T. Inomata, P. Rice, J. Murdock, D. Chase, K. Brown, S. Milbrath, T. Stanton, P. McAnany, K. Reese-Taylor, A. Dowd, D. Freidel, F. Rossi (C. Robin not shown).

Regimes of the Classic Maya: Wenner-Gren conference: Sept 1-4, 2017: Tulane Univ., New Orleans (from left to right): lower row: M. Canuto, D. Freidel; lower middle: T. Barrientos, D. Chase, A. Chase, A. Demarest, L. Lecount, G. Bey, F. Estrada-Belli; upper middle: N. Grube, A. Foias, E. Bell; upper row: S. Martin, M. Zender, M. Smith, G. Iannone, J. Yaeger, C, Golden, M. Lamoureux St-Hilaire

Rupture or Transformation of Maya Kingship: November 11-13, 2017: Kyoto, Japan
Seated (left to right): T. Inomata, K. Tsukamoto, C. Helmke, A.L. Izquierdo, N. Grube, A. Chase, D. Chase, P. Nondedeo, A. Demarest, K. Aoyama; Standing (left to right): J. Zralka, S. Suzuki, T. Barrientos, R. Cobos, E. Graham, M.C. Arnauld, F. Matsuura, C. Andrieu, J. Patrois, T. Okoshi, W. Ringle

Vegas Cakes episode on Food Channel. Filmed in UNLV Maya/ Mesoamerican Lab on April 26, 2018; aired on Food Channel on Episode 12 (Season 2) of Las Vegas Cakes on June 16, 2018

ACAO Digital Fellows at Gates Foundation in Seattle, Washington – July 25, 2018.

Settlement Scaling and the Challenge of Mayan Low Density Urbanism, Santa Fe Institute, August 23-24, 2018. (from left to right) seated: Heather Richards-Rissotto, Adrian Chase, Jack Hanson, Luis Bettencourt; standing: Scott Ortman, Bernadette Cap, Sarah Klassen, Michael Smith, Jose Lobo

On Time and Being Maya: Santa Fe Institute: August 28-30, 2018. (from left to right) kneeling: Jerry Murdock, David Freidel; seated: Susan Milbrath; Patricia McAnany; Kat Brown; Diane Chase; standing: Jeremy Sabloff, Ivan Batun, Anne Dowd; Francisco Estrada-Belli; Saburo Sugiyama; James Doyle; Arlen Chase; Travis Stanton; Kathryn Reese-Taylor; Takeshi Inomata

If the Past Teaches, Does the Future Learn? SESYNC conference, Annapolis, Maryland, October 30 – November 2, 2018.  (from left): V. Scarborough, C. Isendahl, N. Yoffee, Q. Zhang, G. Harbrec, L. Lucero, J. Murphy, J. Gunn, J. Pournelle, C. Crumley, A. Chase, E. Hammer, C. Hritz

Paris Dialogue on Archaeological Lidar: 11-12 December 2018. Sponsored by Damian Evans and the Ecole Francaise d’Extreme-Orient, Paris, France.

Diane and Harry Reid, former Nevada Senator and Senate Majority Leader, MGM Public Policy Institute Symposium, Las Vegas, April 23, 2019
42 Years Later: Kevin Gray, Diane Chase, and Arlen Chase at lunch in Lotus of Siam, Las Vegas, May 2019 (see Quirigua Project Photo 1977 above).
IX Congreso Internacional de Mayistas, Chetumal, Mexico, June 25, 2019. From left to right: Bernadette Cap, Claire Ebert, Arlen F. Chase, Kit Nelson, Kat Brown, Jason Yaeger, Myka Awe, Jaime J. Awe.
Diane and Arlen Chase at the Salt Lake City installation of the exhibit “Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed,” May 2019.
Wendy Giddens Teeter, John Morris, Diane Chase, Arlen Chase, and Baloo in Claremont CA, May 25, 2021
50th Reunion of RLS Class of 1971, Pebble Beach CA, June 11, 2021
Santa Fe Institute Conference “Being Maya 2”: 19-20 August 2021: (from left to right) back row: Travis Stanton, Francisco Estrada-Belli, Karl Taube; middle row: Anne Dowd, Takeshi Inomata, Kathryn Reese-Taylor, Arlen Chase, Jerry Murdock, Jerry Sabloff, Paula Sabloff; front row: Kat Brown, David Freidel, Daniela Triadan, Diane Chase.
ASU Commencement December 13, 2021: Adrian Chase Ph.D. hooding by Mike Smith (advisor) plus family present (Elyse, Arlen, Diane).
Amerind Foundation Conference “Mesoamerican Population History”: 20-24 April 2022: (from left to right) Chris Pool, Scott Hutson, Jose Lobo, Adrian Chase, Arlen Chase, Diane Chase, Charlotte Arnauld, Gary Fineman, Travis Stanton (not shown: Barbara Arroyo; Marcello Canuto; Larry Gorenflo, Ian Robertson, Deb Nichols; Rodrigo Liendo).
Santa Fe Institute Conference: “Being Maya 3”; 3-5 August 2022. Seated (left to right): Adrian Chase, Felix Kupprat, Adolpho Ivan Batun-Alpuche. Standing (left to right): Diane Chase, Paula Sabloff, Travis Stanton, Kathryn Reese-Taylor; Susan Milbrath; David Freidel (on zoom screen), Kathryn Brown, Nawa Sugiyama, Arlen Chase, Karl Taube, Anne Dowd.
Pre-Columbian Society of Washington, D.C. – September 23, 2023: A.F. Chase, D.Z. Chase, C. Helmke, J. Hoggarth,, H. Moyes, J. Awe,, H. McKillop
Santa Fe Institute: “Being Maya Workshop 4” – Nov. 29 – Dec.1, 2023. Back Row: D.A. Freidel, F. Kupprat, T. Inomata, J. Sabloff, P. Sabloff, A.S. Dowd, T. Stanton, A.F. Chase, J. Murdock, D. Triadan, M.K. Brown. Front Row: I. Batun, C. Robin, N. Sugiyama, K. Reese-Taylor, D. Chase, J. Yaeger. Not Shown: A.S.Z. Chase
School of Advanced Research Short Seminar: Relational Inequality in the Ancient Maya World: March 26-28, 2024 (Santa Fe NM). Left to Right: G. Feinman, J. Munson, S. Hutson, A.S.Z. Chase, A. Thompson, M. Looper, H. Richards-Risseto, M. Canuto, K. Reese-Taylor, B. Arroyo