2009 Blogs & Photos

Update 3 (Read the entire post)

It was a great day.  We celebrated Baron Bliss Day with our traditional barbecue. We also had visitors from UCF.  And, since it was Sunday, we had freshly “pinesol”ed bathrooms.  Finally, it was sunny for the first time in what seemed like weeks, so there were also hot showers at the end of ...

Update 2 (Read the entire post)

The primary focus of investigations this season is the Northeast Acropolis, located directly east of Caana. Excavations in this elite residential group in previous seasons had shown that it had a long history of occupation beginning at some point in the Preclassic Period and extending through the T...

Update 1: (Read the entire post)

Investigations are well underway.  Excavations are producing architecture and use-related pottery debris.  We have a new kitchen and an enthusiastic crew.