Lab Photo Gallery

Student duties at the UCF archaeology lab

Lab pan 22
Jenny and SandOne of the most important roles that students perform is the maintenance of Lot Cards and Object Cards. Jenny and Sandra are working here on the filing of the thousands of cards that represent the mountain of data that has been collected over the years. Lot cards and catalogue cards are also being entered into a computerized database.
Neill LabMuch of the work in the lab has to do with the preparations for the upcoming field season. Neil is on the phone with an obscure appliance manufacturer asking about an even more obscure part to an outdated freezer. Even with the parts, the freezer doesn’t work except for the old fashioned way – with blocks of ice!

Casey drawingWithout the aid of anthropology students it would be impossible to document the large amount of data collected in a field season. Casey is working on one of the thousands of drawings that must be made in order to completely record all of the artifacts.



The collaborative environment fosters peer to peer educational opportunities. Sandra is shown here discussing the finer points of artifact analysis.




Amy SkullStudents have access to all sorts of archaeological materials. Amy is seen here examining human skeletal remains.



Jenn Vessel

Vessel reconstruction is one of the more important duties of the student labor pool.