Kid’s Journal

Via Satellite from the jungles of Caracol, Belize

Read Little Elyse’s message to her friend’s and classmates

Aubrey Aubrey’s journalFebruary 4, 1999
I arrived at Caracol yesterday. Somebody stole our generator and TV. We had no light. We had to use lanterns and flashlights. Today I climbed a pyramid.February 5, 1999
Today I got a new generator so I can e-mail my friends. Today I climbed Caana with Mom, Elyse, and Adrian. I found lots of shells.February 6, 1999
Today I climbed South Acropolis. Amy and I collected shells and there are not a lot. And I saw a bird’s nest and a bird.

February 7, 1999
Today I climbed Caana again. We looked on the first level and we found lots of shells. The shells are from snails that lived on land.

February 8, 1999
Today I went on a tour and I climbed Caana. I found lots of crystals that looked like rocks. I took the new students with me. Today I went to the ceiba [tree] and to me it looks like a brakisores [brachiasaurus].

February 10, 1999
Amy showed me how to use a compass. It all wase [always] points north. We went to the A group. A butterfly attacked Sandra and if they do not stop she will smash them.

February 11, 1999
Today Iwent to see the students excavations. I helped Sandra clean out the excavation. I found 4 shells. It was hard work.

February 12, 1999
I don’t like the rain. It made my socks wet.

February 15, 1999
The sun came out today. I ‘m so happy I could kiss it. I went to see the students agen [again]. Amy and I climed [climbed] A6.

February 20, 1999
Yesterday I went to San Ignacio. I ate 10 rolls at the Hotel. Tim and Neil came to camp and they sleep in a tent. Last night I ate 2 potatos and half a hot dog.

February 24, 1999 Aubrey Drawing 2
Amy and I walked to South Acropolis. There is a tom[b] here. This is what the entrance looks like.


February 25, 1999
At A3 if I sit on the top step I will get dirty. Becus [because] the dirt will fall on me. It is not a good idea to play on Ancient Maya steps. Thay [they] fall if your [you’re] heavy. Sandra will Hurt me if I make her clean the steps agen [again].

February 27, 1999
I went to Caana. It is hot enuf [enough] to rost [roast] a hot dog. Next time I’m bringing marsh mellos. I want to get out of the hot sun.

March 1, 1999
I wasat Fort George Hotel. I went swimming there. I got to watch cartoons. Mom didn’t let me buy anything because it’s too expensive. I got to eat broccoli and cheese soup in a bred [bread] bowl.

March 6, 1999
I’ve measured everything in Amy’s lab. I like to use centimeters. It’s easier to tell then [than] inches. Inches are bigger than cm.

March 7, 1999
We had a barbecu [barbeque] today. I had roasted marsh mellos. Brian and Katie came to viset [visit]. I ate 3 chicken drumstiks [drumsticks].

March 8, 1999
A3 Mask part 1. Across 78 and a half cm. Down 57 centumeeters [centimeters]. Stairs part 2. Down. 135 cm. Across. Over 5 m. Alter [altar] at A1. Across. 187 and a half cm. Down. 174 cm. I’m measuring things at the A plaza: Alter base Down 30cm. Across 27 cm. Down. 178 cm. Across. 174 cm.

March 9, 1999
Yesterday night I got stung by a wasp 2 times. It hirt [hurt] when he stung me. Today Amy got stung by a scworpeon [scorpion]. Tanya killed the scworpeon with a meshety [machete].

March 10, 1999
Mom and Dad took me to the Valentime [Valentine] group. It was named after Valentimes day. We walked a quarter of a mile past the big tree. I saw a skeleton, a termite nest, and an alter [altar]. I was tierd [tired]. I think I lost 30 pounds!

March 11, 1999 Aubrey Helicopter

This afternoon a British Army helicopter landed on site. We didn’t go up in the air, but we got to go inside and see all of the neat stuff. The pilot showed us all of the buttons. We put on the headphones and could talk to each other. I looked at the map. Aubrey kept trying to find the fire button. There were no weapons, but the pilot showed us where they put them in. Today I got to play in a helicopter. I got to talk to the army base in the helicopter. The pilot showed me how to fly it. He showed me how to shoot the weapons, but they didn’t have the weapon.

March 12, 1999
My mom woke me up at 5:00 to see the Howler monkeys. There were 3 of them at Central Acropolis. They look like little hair balls. They are brown. They are sleeping at the top of the tree.

March 13, 1999
Aubrey Drawing 1We are meshering (measuring) shell earflares.
1. Diameter 3.75 cm Thick 0.5 cm Weight 8.3 g 2. Diameter 3.8 cm Thick 0.3 cm Weight 6.8 g

March 15, 1999
Today we took the group photo. I went to the A group and helped the students close the excavation.

March 24, 1999
It feels great to be home! I’m having fun playing with my toys. I’m going to miss every one at Caracol. I’m happy to see my friends again.

Adrian Adrian’s journalFebruary 3, 1999
We got to camp today. People had broken in and stolen almost everything. They took the generator so there were no lights.February 4, 1999
Dad bought a new generator! Now we have light! I saw a snake slithering toward me. (Era pequeno.) Mom killed it.February 5, 1999
We climbed Caana!

Monday, February 8, 1999
Yesterday new students arrived. Today I took them on a tour with the other students. I like going on a tour because I know a lot about Caracol.

Wednesday, February 10, 1999
Yesterday night a very big tarantula crawled in the lab. This morning Elyse fell out of her hammock.

Saturday, February 20, 1999
It has been a busy week. It finally stopped raining, but the bugs are annoying. The showers are full of baby grasshoppers. I have caught up up on all but one of my subjects. I am ahead in two classes. The generator is FINALLY working. Tim and Neil got here yesterday. They brought a bigger TV. That will make tonight’s movie much better. I hope we get to see “The Lost World: Jurasic Park.” Today, Mom showed me how to take pictures of the excavations with the camera.

Saturday, February 27, 1999
We got finally got to watch “the Lost World” last week. Tonight is movie night again. Today, I went with Mom and Dad to one of the excavations in the jungle. I got to take pictures of the work and of Mom and Dad. I found a chrysalis from a butterfly over a week ago, but it hasn’t hatched yet. James told me the difference between a moth’s cocoon and a butterfly’s chrysalis. It is hard to explain, but when you touch a chrysalis that has no butterfly anymore it is harder than a cocoon.

Wednesday, March 3, 1999
We took a trip out of Caracol on Monday. On the way out we had car problems. We almost lost the front wheel of the car. We stopped at three places to repair it. Two places didn’t have the right parts. We ordered the part at the third place and Dad borrowed a spare tire. After that we FINALLY went to the hotel and went swimming. We also got to watch cartoons. On the way back in to Caracol the road was very bumpy. I almost made it to camp before getting carsick.

Thursday, March 04, 1999 Termites Adrian

Yesterday, we went into the bush to see the excavations. I took pictures of Mom, Dad, and a Maya wall. I want to take a picture of the gigantic termite nests.

Thursday, March 11, 1999 Adrian Helicopter

This afternoon a British Army helicopter landed on site. We didn’t go up in the air, but we got to go inside and see all of the neat stuff. The pilot showed us all of the buttons. We put on the headphones and could talk to each other. I looked at the map. Aubrey kept trying to find the fire button. There were no weapons, but the pilot showed us where they put them in.

Friday, March 12, 1999
Mom and Dad woke me up early to see the howler monkeys. At first all I could see were black shapes moving around in the tops of the trees. When it got light we went up to Central Acropolis. We could see all three monkeys clearly. Right now they are high up in the tree. They are curled up. They are black and have a big gray area around their mouths. All they are doing is resting and scratching. They are making no noise! After breakfast, Mom took me to the excavations. I found out that there are three ways to do an excavation. There are small test pits, big area clearings, and trenches. When we dig we look for the things the Maya left like pottery sherds, glyphs, stone tools, bone, and buildings. Sometimes the Maya built one building and then put another one on top. We excavate to bedrock to make sure we have found everything.

Wednesday, March 24, 1999
It took a long time to drive home. We got in early this morning. It feels a little strange, but nice to be sleeping in a bed! I like Caracol, but I missed home. I am looking forward to going back to school and seeing my friends.