Week 8 (March 19 – March 24)

The final week at Caracol was devoted to finishing the necessary laboratory work along with artifact drawings and photos.

Everything was largely completed by the end of the day Wednesday. This left Thursday to do packing and let the men begin to break-down the camp.

Brian Woodye and David Griffith came into the site in late afternoon to move everything into locked storage and to get us out early the next day.

Thursday night had the traditional bonfire in the center of camp.

On Friday the men were moving tables and beds into Lab 2 at 3:20 AM, meaning that we were all ready to leave by 6 AM.

We then had our customary end-of-season lunch at the San Ignacio Hotel in the afternoon and went to the airport early on Saturday morning, having breakfast at Cheers.

With the airplane flights home, the 34th field season of the Caracol Archaeological Project came to a successful close.

Adrian, Roxayn, and Faydt doing end of season final artifact processing


Faydt and Gabriella doing lab work


Arlen drawing ceramics


Diane working on bone


Early Classic JGU incensario from Chak Residential Group


Late Classic face cache ceramic vessel from Chan Residential Group


Shell Earrings from Cheech Residential Group


Fused human incisors from Chak Residential Group


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