Week 7 (March 12 – March 18)

This was another sunny and dry week.

All in-field drawing was finished on Monday. Also on Monday, we started backfilling all of our excavations. Faydt worked with the backfilling team and they finished everything by the end of the day on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, I drove out to the Georgeville turn-off on the main road to pick up Christophe Helmke and our final supplies; Brian Woodye had picked him up at the airport and did the hand-off to me in Georgeville. Christophe went out to Puchituk on Wednesday morning and drew and photographed CRC Stela 24, while the men were backfilling.

The rest of the week he worked on CRC Stelae 22, 23, 25, and 26. Processing of materials and cataloguing went on for most of the week by all the staff with Amy and Adrian leading the way. Diane and I drew ceramic vessels and then she worked on bone.

On Thursday, I took out five men to Benque, as their work was done; we kept four men back at camp for repair and for final close-up.

Our internet system went down at the end of the week; we are unsure whether it is an issue with the cables, modem, or satellite (the satellite is over Brazil and was supposed to have crashed a long time ago).

On Sunday, Diane and I drove Christophe out to Belmopan and caught up with Brian; Brian will bring him to the airport for his flight back to Denmark on Monday.

All-in-all this was a good week and we are on track to finish everything that we need to do for the field report and write-ups.


2018 Caracol Archaeological Project season


Adrian drawing the section in the east building in Chak


Diane in her field office in the Chak Residential Group


Arlen in the Chak chultun


Christophe Helmke showing his drawing of CRC Stela 24 to the men


East building in Cheech, after backfilling


Gabriella and Roxayn looking at Stela 22 at night


Amy cataloguing a vessel in Caracol Lab 2


Faydt entering data into the Caracol computer database

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