Week 7 (March 11 – March 17, 2013)

The final week of working at Caracol kept the entire project very busy. All the ceramic sherds were finally washed and numbered. Similarly, all the bone was washed, dried for an extended period (by being baked in the sun), and processed. All of the whole pottery vessels and small artifacts were drawn and photographed. Our second laboratory was cleaned and organized with this year’s materials finally being given homes on the shelves.

Sunday at the beginning of this week saw our official Baron Bliss barbeque with the traditional Caracol sauce being served with the zapote-grilled marinated chicken. Monday saw the final tasks being finished in terms of backfilling and camp clean-up and repair. Seven of the men went out on Tuesday. On Thursday night, all of the packing was finished – both personal and the artifacts going to the IOA – and we had our traditional bonfire in the middle of camp. All of the lab coolers were moved down to the caretakers in the evening and the tables and appliances were also moved out of the kitchen.

Friday morning saw a very early start to the day with the remaining 22 individuals being taken out of camp by 7 AM, along with 5 pick-nick tables, with help from the IOA. The culmination of the field season was the traditional afternoon meal between project members and the IOA in the Stork Club at the San Ignacio Hotel. On Saturday, everyone went their separate ways.

Diane Providing Information on Teeth to the Group


Dulce Seed Beads


Bimbo Figurine


Lab Table with Lisa & Amy


Elyse Draws Mandibles


Minnesota Science Museum Observing Lucas & Jorge Drawing


Caracol Group Photo 2013

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