Week 5 (February 28 – March 6)

This week saw the conclusion of excavation in three groups, most being completed on either Friday or Saturday.  Both Structures F34 and F35 in Alta Vista were taken down to bedrock – located almost 5 meters below the surface in Structure F35.  Chalpat saw the two of its three buildings completely excavated – the northern Structure F9 and the eastern Structure F11.  A transposed refuse deposit dating to the Early Classic Period was found directly on the bedrock deep in Structure F9.  The crypt burial was fully removed in Structure F11 and the trench was excavated to bedrock.  In Structure F14, two burials were excavated during the week; the first was a child with a shell pendant located in the front fill for the building; the second was the collapsed and in-filled tomb containing at least two individuals (the noticeable collapse on the surface was the original reason for excavating the building).  In Ramon, Structure F24 was also excavated to bedrock by the end of the week.  In the middle of the building set into bedrock was a Protoclassic burial containing four vessels (one found last week) accompanying a single extended individual.  Finally, excavations also took place in the Northwest Group this week.  A trench was finished through Structure F3 and the front part of this trench south of the building was dug down to bedrock, revealing almost 3 meters of red marl that had been deposited in antiquity to build up the level of the plaza surface.  Excavation also began in the chultun located to the east of Structure F1.  By week’s end, one vessel resembling a bucket was found under the collapse, indicating the presence of a probable burial.  Consolidation also continued; the southern part of the Northeast Acropolis was fully stabilized by week’s end.

Structure F34 at end of excavation

Rear trench in Structure F35 at end of excavation

Structure F9 section being drawn

Structure F11 at end of excavation

Drawing the front burial in Structure F14

Excavation of rear tomb in Structure F14

Protoclassic burial in Structure F24

Structure F24 at the end of excavation

Structure F3 near end of excavation

Finding the "bucket" in the Northwest Group chultun

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