Week 4 (February 21-27)

Excavation continued in the residential groups named Ramon, Chalpat, and Alta Vista.

In Alta Vista, the trenches in the southern (Structure F34) and western (Structure F35) structures continued deeper through earlier architecture.

In Chalpat, excavations continued on the northern and eastern buildings.  The northern building, Structure F9, produced more floors and fill beneath the set of walls running parallel to the trench that were found last week.  The crypt in Structure F11, the eastern building, was fully exposed, revealing an extended individual, head to the south, set directly on bedrock with 3 vessels; another disarticulated individual had been placed on the first individual’s feet.  The western building, Structure F14, appears to have an infilled tomb in its western extent; excavation here also produced a complete Terminal Classic figurine.

In Ramon, a flexed burial was exposed in the front of the trench associated with a single vessel that probably dates to the Late Classic Period.  A cut through a floor in the interior of Structure F24 also yielded a single olla.  The steps of an earlier construction were also encountered on the northern limit of the excavation; they had been disturbed in most of the trench.

A new excavation was opened in Structure F3 in the Northwest Group and succeeded in finding the remains of a single phase construction.

Finally, a team of 13 consolidators began work on stabilizing the Northeast Acropolis.

Trench through Structure F35, Week 4

Crypt in Structure F11


Figurine from Structure F14

Recording burial in front of Structure F24

Olla in cut through floor in Structure F24

Trench through Structure F3 in Northwest Group

Consolidation beginning in the Northeast Acropolis

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