Week 3: Part B

  The blog was posted early this week as we were on an airport run and had access to internet in town, while Caracol still didn’t have satellite communication. The airport run was accomplished Thursday morning and the satellite was successfully linked to the Caracol communication system that afternoon. Thursday afternoon was also when we began finding our first special deposits in the excavations.

  Jack Residential Group produced an elaborate cache of three lidded urns and a set of large lip-to-lip platters on Thursday afternoon. All of the vessels touched each other, so they were clearly deposited as a single event. At least two of the urns are face caches dating to the late Late Classic period. The lip-to-lip platters contained 18 barnacles; nothing was in the urns. The deposit was photographed and drawn on Friday and removed on Saturday.

  Queen Residential Group has interesting things in both its northern and eastern buildings. An architectural corner was located within the rear fill of the structure in an area that looked like it had collapsed downward. The area to the side of this corner and in front of it contained an unusual number of stones that could be qualified as “capstones,” even if they were not directly covering anything. Next week should see this buried feature better defined. In the eastern building, the axial excavation is proceeding downwards and capstones over a frontal chamber have been detailed and drawn for removal next week.

  King Residential Group has seen the northern building cleaned and the eastern building revealing well-defined architecture. Investigation in the plaza in front of the lowest step of the eastern building revealed a late Late Classic face-cache just before the end of day on Friday. The eastern building is only beginning to be penetrated so there should be more finds here in the next week.

  All-in-all this has been an excellent week and portends well for the rest of the field season.

1. Gabriela, Abner, and Saul with plaza cache in Jack Residential Group.
2. View of SD C226B-1 looking east.
3. Buried corner in fill of north building in Queen Residential Group.
4. Carlos cleaning capstones in eastern building in Queen Residential Group
5. Face cache in front of steps of eastern building in King Residential Group (not fully excavated).

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