Week 2 (Jan. 30 – Feb 5, 2017)

Having arrived on Sunday, the new students were given a tour of the site on Monday and then familiarized with the laboratory. Excavation started in earnest in the Caana summit plaza. we also laid out excavations at the two main residential groups selected for investigation during the field season; the groups were nicknamed “Rebel” and “Rogue.” The housing plazas are located northeast of Caana just west of a large artificially flattened hilltop. Excavation within the main eastern structure in each of these groups was started by staff on Tuesday. On Wednesday, an additional 6 men arrived in camp, bringing the project up to its full labor compliment. Four men were sent to help staff in Rebel and Rogue on Thursday, leaving 8 men to work on deepening the plaza excavation on the Caana summit. Two additional excavations in the residential groups were laid out on Thursday – on the north building in Rogue and on the northeastern building in Rebel. These excavations will serve as overflow locations for research when recording has to be done on the main eastern buildings. Friday saw Diane and I going to Belmopan and doing shopping for kitchen supplies. The night was spent in Cayo. Saturday morning saw a vegetable pick-up in the San Ignacio market and a meat pick-up at Running W. This was followed by a trek to the airport to drop Diane off for her flight back to Las Vegas. Finally, there was the long drive back to Caracol, with Sunday for decompressing.

Ben, Olyvia, Jessica, Brooke, Kelsey, and Adrian at the top of B19


Caana summit plaza being excavated with trench on axis to B20


Amy and Melissa on Caana summit


Excavation in the eastern building in Rebel


Excavation in the eastern building in Rogue


Diane messaging on phone from top of B18


Adrian and Arlen attempting a satellite uplink on computer in Lab 1


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