Week 1 (January 28 – February 4, 2013)

The project actually began a half week earlier than January 28.  A. Chase flew to Belize on Tuesday, January 22.  On January 23, the two head cooks and four men arrived at Caracol.  They were joined by seven more men on January 24.  On Saturday, January 26, five senior staff flew into Belize and were taken directly to Caracol.  On Monday, January 28, the last two ladies arrived at camp with the scheduled morning caretaker trip driven by the Institute of Aracheology.  Lab 2 was also reorganized and a new shelf was constructed for storage; most of the men worked on bushing and cleaning the groups that we had selected for investigation.  On January 29, five new students arrived in Belize City.  Four of these were brought directly into camp; the fifth was left at the Bullfrog Hotel in Belmopan because her luggage did not arrive; she made it into Caracol the next day.  On Wednesday, January 30, we laid our excavations in two groups that were labeled “Pan” and “Dulce.”  A collapsed tomb with slate capstone could be viewed through the overlaying rubble deep within the core of the east building in Dulce.  Excavation started with everybody in Dulce and Pan on Thursday, January 31.  Also on that day, we staked out excavation areas in three more groups:  “Tortilla,” “Pan,” and “Galletas.”  Although it had been raining mostly at night through the beginning of the week, we got heavier rain on Friday and Saturday, which made our work schedule somewhat intermittent.

Dulce East Building

Dulce South Building

Dulce Capstones Collapsed Tomb

Bimbo East Building

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