Update 1:

Investigations are well underway.  Excavations are producing architecture and use-related pottery debris.  We have a new kitchen and an enthusiastic crew.


8 Responses to “Update 1:

  • Amazing, amazing, amazing! I’ve followed Caracol’s progress for years.

    I’m curious about a photo in the scrapbook: did you (Drs. Chase, that is) drive the Chevette from US to Belize?

  • OMG! No one in Okla can even believe that Patty is out in the rain forest being our first Indianaette Jones This is VERY exciting! We may have to make this our next family vacation PH

  • The vessel is really pretty! Cant wait to read more! Really jealous that I cant be there. Good Luck!!!

  • Kelin you are so wise, with your clipboard and your attentive friend. What a combination of tools chosen for a splendid looking dig pic. Love you and hope your loving your trip. Stay studious!

  • At my first glance, I said to myself that this is such a lot of hardwork for you guys, But seeing all those artifacts makes every drop of sweat worthy. Keep it up!

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