Dynastic Sequence

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Caracol’s extensive hieroglyphic record has permitted a long dynastic sequence to be identified that extends from A.D. 859. Ballcourt Marker 3, dating to A.D. 798, records that Hok Kauil was the 27th ruler since the dynasty’s founder acceded in A.D. 331. A long and detailed history is recorded on Caracol’s many stone monuments. These include several statements about Caracol’s participation in war events in the Southern lowlands. Altar 21 in the A Group Ballcourt records Yahaw Te’s involvement in the defeat of Tikal (Guatemala) in A.D. 562, while Stelae 3 and 71 contain accounts of his son’s, K’an II, conquest of Naranjo (Guatemala) between A.D. 626 and A.D. 631. Although political, this hieroglyphic history is reflective of the site’s immense size and power.

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