Week 7 (March 15 – March 21, 2010)

The final week saw everyone working feverishly to get all of the artifacts catalogued and appropriately recorded.  Drawing and photography of artifacts and pottery continued through Thursday, with packing being done in the afternoon.  The men did various camp repairs during the week, finished all backfilling, and took the showers apart by late Thursday.  Vehicles arrived Thursday night and Friday morning to pull everyone out of Caracol.  On Friday, movement started in the dark by 5 AM with beds and larger items being put into storage in Lab 2 and all of the smaller materials being moved down to locked storage in the caretakers’ area.  All of the electrical wiring and fixtures were removed from the camp buildings, the satellite receiver was disassembled, and the stoves and butane freezer were transported below.  By 7 AM, camp was left for another future field season – and, at noon, we celebrated the successful end of the 26th field season with the traditional end-of-season meal in the San Ignacio Hotel with the IOA.  Saturday morning, people disbursed.  Some stayed in Belize for a few days; some went to Mexico; and others flew directly home.  For the project vehicle, it was a long drive home with stops in Veracruz, Harlingen, Crestview, and finally Orlando on March 23, 2010.

Early Classic censer and lid

Green Obsidan point

Jadeite Pendent

Early Classic burnt mirror

Terminal Classic ceramic bowl

Staff being entertained by a Belize video

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