Camp Photo Gallery

A brief photographic journal of life at Caracol

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Seasons End
When all is said and done everyone wants a friendly place to have a snack. James Phillips, Amy Murphy, Mike Duffy and the rest of the Caracol crew relax in a Guatemalan Cantina.
Seasons End photo

The Kitchen
In the field kitchen everyone has to pull their weight. Jenny Sandoval and Adrian Chase are seen preparing the evening’s delights. On Sundays the staff members rotate kitchen duties giving the ladies a well deserved break.
Kitchen Kids

Amy Working Hard, Casey Hardly Workin’
Amy and Casey Working

The Ladies
From the left: Joyce, Mrs. Rita, Lola, and Elyse (in pink). Every member of the Caracol team owes their lives to the talent of this fine staff.
The Ladies

At the end of the day the hammocks provide the much needed rest, and relaxation for the hard working staff.
Sanctuary Hammocks

Caracol’s indoor bathing facilities are famous
Elyse Bath

Adrian and Aubrey
It’s never too early to start washing shreds.
Adrian and Aubrey

Fred Robinson grabs 19 winks (cuz in the jungle there ain’t time for 20)
Fred napping

Movie Night
From left: Casey Walker, James Phillips, Scott Aubrey, Mike Duffey, and Sandra Wheeler sit patiently awaiting the Wednesday night movie.
Movie Night

Hut 4
Matt Tarr, Neil Murray, and Scott Aubry enjoy the serenity of the jungle evening as they plan an evening’s activities sitting in front of their hut.
Hut #4

Headin’ for home!
Happy Trails